Oatmeal Bath Bomb



The combination of oatmeal and our Feelin Irie blend brings you a spa quality soak that soothes  your skin.  I grind raw oats to a fine powder which can be very healing  for people with eczema.

Scent Description:

(All scents are derived from 100% therapeutic grade essential oils.)

Feelin Irie: This is the perfect combination of Sage, Tea Tree and Floral Peppermint. Feelin Irie includes premium grade epsom salt mixed with therapeutic grade essential oil. Add this to your bath water to have a spa quality bath experience at home. 

  • 100% All Natural 
  • Large 7.5oz Bombs
  • No artificial coloring (no staining of tub)
  • Formulated to help with Eczema
  • Softens and moisturizes your skin
  • High Fizzing
    1. Ingredients: Oatmeal, almond oil, witch hazel, Sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, premium grade Epson Crystals.
    2. Therapeutic Essential Oils: Sage, Peppermint, Tea Tree.
    1. Drop 1 of our bath bombs into your bathwater for a fizzy, spa bath experience full of soothing scents and enjoy the moisturizing benefits.
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