Bath Crystals

A: Yes you can, that's why we have recommended amounts to use so you are in the perfect zone. If you are sensitive to essential oils, start off lighter than the recommended amount.

A: Scented oil is just the scent with no medicinal benefits. Essential oil is derived and processed straight from the plant and carries medicinal benefit with it.

Shampoo Bar

A: No you only need to follow with an Apple Cider Vinegar rinse. Once your hair adjusts to it you may only use the ACV periodically.

A: No, there is no SLS or any other foaming or stripping agents in it. 

A: The difference is that the women's bar is not as heavy on your hair. Also the mens bar has peppermint which stimulates your scalp. 

A: Yes!! Both men or women can use either bar! It's just a matter of preference.

Body and Face Scrub

A: We recommend 2 or 3 times a week.

A: That will depend on your skin type. WIth most scubs yes but with ours we have a generous amount of nourishing oils so generally no moisturizer is needed.

Bath Bombs

A: As with most bath products with oil in it, it can leave residue on the side of your tub or even a layer on top of the water but we use a natural emulsifier in each bomb to reduce that residue and disperse the oil more evenly throughout the water rather than on top. 

Miracle Cream

A: With regular use you could see some improvement but the beauty of the miracle cream comes when you use it during the healing process. The results are amazing.