Feelin Irie (Balance)

This is the perfect combination of Sage, Tea Tree and Floral Peppermint. Feelin Irie includes premium grade epsom salt mixed with therapeutic grade essential oil. Add this to your bath water to have a spa quality bath experience at home. 
  • 100% All Natural 
  • Comes with sealed jar for freshness and a scooping spoon
  • Blend of Therapeutic grade essential oils with the highest quality Epsom Salt.
  • Formulated so that the essential oils mix within your water. (No surface pooling)
  • No fillers or anti clumping agents
  • No artificial coloring

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    1. Premium Epsom Salt Crystals with the following therapeutic grade essential oils.
    2. Tea Tree Benefits: Antiseptic, Assists with Bronchitis, Colds, Burns, Stimulates the immune system
    3. Peppermint Benefits: Assists with Muscle pain and Cramps, Promotes mental clarity, Reduces Headaches & mental fatigue
    4. Sage Benefits: muscle relaxation, Anti-depressant properties, Anti-inflammatory.
    1. Pour desired amount (We recommend Between 1/3 to 2/3 cup) under running water at beginning of your bath. Then lay back and enjoy your spa quality bath experience.
    2. Since we use the purest blend around, if you are new to essential oils start off light to see your sensitivity. Start with 1 or 2 TBSP and work your way up to the recommend amount.
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