Monthly Special (Dark Chocolate Orange)


7.5oz Bath Bombs / 8oz Bath Crystal Jar

Our Dark Chocolate Orange Monthly scent smells just like the real thing. So if you love dark orange sticks this time of year, you're going to love this one. Along with the chocolate and orange, there are notes of peach, cinnamon, and vanilla. What better way to start 2021 than with this incredible scent!? 🍊🤎

  • The more you buy the more you save!
  • 10% of this purchase goes to the Rightly Royce Foundation.
  • 100% All Natural 
  • Large 7.5oz Bombs (High Fizzing!)
  • 8oz Jar with Bath Crystals
    1. Instructions for Bath Bomb: Drop 1 of our bath bombs into your bathwater for a fizzy, holiday bath experience, full of soothing scents.
    2. Instructions for Bath Crystals:Use as little or as much as you would like under running water then lay back and enjoy your holiday bath experience.
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